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The Top 50 Perth Strippers For Any Type Of Event

Booking Perth Strippers is Straight Forward & Cost-Effective

Perth Strippers which will take your party by storm, then you’ve hit the jackpot. We can boast a banquet of the most beautiful girls in the land to turn your party from good into fantastic! We have 25 years of expertise in the industry and have developed a keen eye and sharp radar for the best talent on offer.

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Also, deciding on the right performer can be a time-consuming task. Here at Cassie’s, you will be hit with girls to suit any occasion and party setting from the off. You won’t need to do much digging. We go out of our way to cater to your specific needs. They will blend right into your party and give it a shot of adrenaline to leave every man in attendance captivated!

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Satisfaction & Quality Guaranteed

It can always be a concern whether you’re getting enough bang for your buck in any walk of life. So you can rest assured here that you will not be left under whelmed by the Perth strippers we have in our ranks.

All have chosen all the acts we have in our agency for their amazing performances. So we can excel at being the best at providing quality and quantity to our clients. No other agency comes close to our scope on the most eye-catching, seductive and mind-blowing showgirls on the market.

So all of the girls have a rich repertoire of steamy and hot entertainment skills. They will keep everyone hooked and under their spell all night long. No one can compete with us, and we are the go-to for all x rated entertainment.

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The Perfect Boost To Any Bucks Party

So please have a good look at all the heart-racing beautiful women we can offer you. These girls have honed their craft for so long they’ve become the most consummate and dazzling ladies in the Perth market and know what it takes to push the buttons of all and any men.

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We won’t leave you unattended like other companies do if there are any alterations needed. As opposed to others in the trade, who will say you’re getting one thing and then U-turn, we are transparent, and upfront about any changes that might happen. We always notify you in advance about exactly what you will get. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our performers and us.

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Our Range Of Strippers In Perth Is Always Fresh & Exciting

The main reasons why we are the best name in the business is the fact we are always looking to recruit new and shining talent and incorporate new ideas. There’s nothing worse than having the same routine for long periods. So we lookout for ways to maintain our status employing the hottest ladies.

Also, we have enough versatility to keep everyone satisfied and to make everyone’s eyes light up with the amount of prospect on show. So we put all our competitors to shame with the types of female showgirls we have on our roster. We always know what is happening in our industry. We are still one step ahead of the curve. So check out our portfolio today and see just how much your next party can be one to remember.

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Showgirls that will Amaze Your Group

So, if you’re wondering just what services these stunner’s have to keep you on the edge of your seat take a look below. You have the options of booking XXX, R Rated, Singles or Doubles. Below is more in-depth on what these standards include and their prices:

XXX – Rated

Pearl:- 20 $ 450

Vibe:- $ 500

The Works:- $ 600 including fruit & veg

Lesbian The Total Works:- $ 1150


G- string:- $ 350

Hot Cream:- $ 400

Hot cream + Bubble Bath:- $ 430

Please contact one of our agents for more information on length of shows etc. So please scan all the services, decide what the most fitting for your particular function. Forward this information to us and hey presto, we’ll take care of the rest! Sorting girls to come to your venue and blow the roof off has never been so easy!

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So as you can see we’ve got every base covered and done the utmost to ensure you have a top-class Perth Showgirl to give you one of the best times of your life. You can contact us by Phone, Email, Text, Whatsapp or Live Chat us today.

Call Julie today for bookings and to see one of our showgirls entertain you in the most exciting way. 0474 925 102

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