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At Cassie’s, we are confident that our Gold Coast bikini waitresses will transform your event. We understand what it takes to provide the right girls for your Bucks night, private party or adult entertainment, offering you the opportunity to create something special and memorable for every guest.

We have beautiful girls for any event because we focus on ensuring our girls have it all. Whatever your event might be, we have you covered, and your adult-themed parties will never be the same again. So, if you are looking for something unique and want to add style, then now is the time to come to Cassie’s.

Beautiful Queensland Girls For Every Event

Ideal for a Bucks party, boys' night, or any private function, our gorgeous showgirls will get things going and put everyone in the right mood. They’ll keep the drinks coming, serve food, and put on a show like no other.

Our experience providing top girls ensures that our bikini models will add a whole new level to your party. They’ll ramp up the excitement, mingle with guests, and set pulses racing, so what’s not to love about our ladies?

Choosing from our wide selection of bikini waitresses is also a fun and thrilling experience because we offer you so much more than others. Whatever type of girl you want, we are certain that we have it all, but more importantly, every female barmaid is trained to provide the perfect service. They will smile, they’ll flirt, they’ll look stunning, and they will ensure that everyone enjoys the evening.

No other party will compare once you experience what our ladies offer. They’ll become the centre of attention but also transform your Gold Coast event into an unforgettable event that will set the standard.

A First-Class Gold Coast Bikini Waitresses Service

Our reputation is based on offering beautiful bikini babes that know what to do regarding your event. Their talent won’t go unnoticed, and their flirty and naughty ways will keep your guests hooked. Your evening will go to plan in every possible way because our girls understand what is expected of them.

We also have the scope to provide a bespoke service, so if you require something unique, just let us know. Our service is designed to meet your every need, and that’s where we make a difference.

Once our girls arrive at your event, they’ll fit in and get to work. They’ll create the perfect vibe, giving each guest something to enjoy and indulge in. So, whether you are looking for girls who are easy on the eye or know how to keep guests entertained, you’ll find it all at Cassie’s, and that’s why we’re considered the very best.

Our Bikini Waitress Services

  • Gold Coast Bikini Waitress, $100 per hour: With a wide selection of hot dream models, we’ll ensure your desires are met. Ideal for a boat or pool party, our girls will fit right in and bring a sexy atmosphere that’ll make the night one you won’t forget.

Looking for something a little spicier? We also have nude waitresses, lingerie waitresses and topless waitresses. Want to play some cards? You could also hire a topless poker dealer.

How To Book Your Bikini Waitress

Whatever you have in mind for your night, we will make it happen. The experience you and your group crave is just a phone call away. Our agency has plenty of Gold Coast beauties, so you aren't limited in choosing girls.

We are around 24/7, so there is no excuse not to get your party started at any time of the day. Call Cassie herself and let her assist you in making the perfect decision on adult entertainment booking. Call 0450 329 005.

About Cassies

Cassie Waitresses

So why should you choose Cassie's as your Entertainment Provider?

  1. Cassie has been in the industry for well over 12 years.
  2. Unlike other websites, Cassie's is a fully functioning LTD business.
  3. We can deliver girls to every part of the country.
  4. We are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  5. We only employ the MOST professional strippers, waitresses and staff.
  6. Customer service is one of the essential aspects of our business model.
  7. We are contactable day or night of your event if any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  8. We are making the sector more professional every year with new policies.
  9. Well over 60% of our bookings are returning clients/referrals.
  10. We have at least 10 new girls apply to join the agency every week.
  11. A small deposit secures your booking with Cassie's.
  12. We get feedback on a regular basis from clients and girls to see if changes need to be made.
  13. We service ever part of Australia with adult entertainment options.
  14. We use Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Mobile.
  15. If you want to know what kind of experience our clients are getting, read our Google reviews.

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