Choose A Bucks Party Waitresses Packages That You Will Never Forget

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Build Your Own

Prices may vary in different states
Step 1: Pick Lingerie, Topless or Nude
Step 2: Choose how many girls
Step 3: Choose how many hours
Step 4: Add the shows as you want
Step 5: Contact us for a discount price

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The Big Surprise

$480 Each Waitress
Prices may vary in different states
1st-hour Lingerie Waitress
2nd-hour Topless Waitress
3rd-hour Nude Waitress

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Busty Babes

$970 (valued at $1010)
Prices may vary in different states
2 Lingerie Waitresses
1 R-rated show
3 hrs worth of waitress fun

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Unreal Lap Dances

Prices Below
Prices may vary in different states
15-Minute lap dance: $150 - $200
10-Minute lap dance: $100 -$150
5-Minute lap dance: $70 - $100

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Down N Dirty

$2,100 (valued at $2150)
Prices may vary in different states
2 Topless Waitresses
1 XXX show
1 XXX double lesbian show

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Flirty N Frisky

$1250 (valued at $1280)
Prices may vary in different states
2 Topless Waitresses
1 XXX Show
3 hrs worth of fun

Discover the Most Unique Bucks Party Waitresses Packages in Australia

When planning the ultimate bucks party waitresses packages, you need great options. If you haven’t organized some sexy strippers for the occasion, you’re doing it wrong! Cassie's naughty and downright kinky packages will give your night an erotic twist. Cassie works with only the hottest girls in Australia.

No matter what option you choose, our glamorous females can complement any gathering you have. Ladies and paintballing? Need Waitresses on a party cruise? Girls and go-karting? Lingerie Waitresses and a stag poker night? Whatever options you’ve got, it will only be better to add a hot and gorgeous stripper.

See our packages below and enjoy a day/night out with the best females in Australia. We can guarantee it will be a stag night you and your mates will never forget.

Busty Babes Package

Because getting hitched is beautiful, but do you know what’s more appealing? Our beautifully busty strippers. If you don’t have any bucks party waitresses packages options yet, make your last night of freedom one you’ll never forget with our Busty Babes option.

Your package will include two sexy lingerie waitresses and one dirty R-rated strip show. You’ll have our busty beauties by your side for 3 hours. Your bucks night is one to remember, so if you’re after something special and a lot of glam.

5 Star Cruises Sydney

Flirty and Frisky Package

If you and your mates want a little flirty and playful, this is the bucks package. Wherever you’re hosting your stag party, you’ll receive two beautiful waitresses for 3 hours.

You’ll also enjoy an XXX show with a toy that leaves little to the imagination … What are you guys waiting for? Book now? So book the ultimate bucks night out with our Flirty and Frisky Bucks Night Ideas Packages.

The Ultimate Down N’ Dirty Package

So hold on to your trousers, boys, because this bucks party package is the best of what Cassie's incredible strippers have to offer. So if you want your event to go down in history as one of the best bucks night ideas, this is the ultimate package.

Also at your disposal for three dirty-filled hours are two gorgeous ladies. You’ll also receive a private show from the sexiest strippers in Sydney. So to top off what is already a sensational event, you’ll also be treated to an erotic lesbian show. Are you salivating at the thought of all the dirty fun? So book The package for your stag night now!

Topless Waitresses Performing in the Gold Coast

The Big Surprise package

So do you want to surprise your mates? Because nothing is better than this package, our models will start the event wearing their sexist / classiest lingerie. Also, the night goes on, and guests get to know them. Also, they will lose their tops and go from regular waitresses to topless waitresses.

So as the evening heats up and when guests think there are no more surprises. Well, they will be wrong. The girls lose their pants, going from topless to nude. Yes, that’s right, naked while serving you drinks. So wait to see the faces of your guests. I am sure they will be amazed. Perth's Best Strippers In Every way

Sexy Lap Dances

Also, for those who know how to have fun, Cassie's girls offer some of the hottest dances you’ll ever receive. So no matter what event you’re holding, each of our sexy girls is ready to please you with a lively and heart-stopping.

So this is one of our sublime packages that are in demand with the guys Because whether you want a quick 5-minute show or are keen to get down and dirty for 15 minutes, Cassie's waitress is just waiting to give you a lap dance, you will never forget.

All Our Party Packages

We have all the Bucks Party Waitresses Packages You Will Ever Need

So as you have read, we have covered the whole party scene from all angles. Also, this is because we have been in the entertainment sector for over 30 years and understood how it all works So this is what gives us the edge in providing our clients with what they require.

Also, we can supply your every need no matter what it is. So please put us to the test and let us create your most exceptional night out possible. We will beat any of our competitors in organizing a great party. We pride ourselves on the customer service we deliver to you every step of the way.

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