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Experts In Organizing Sydney strippers for your bucks parties

If you are looking for some fun at your next party or event, you should hire Sydney Strippers who can make you feel like a king. There are many ways to hire a stripper for your event, but the best result is by using an agency like Cassie's.

Our professional showgirls have years of experience under their belt, and they know how to give you precisely what you want. They also know how to keep things classy so that you don't end up getting arrested. So if you're planning on having a private party or event, then booking a Sydney stripper is something you should consider doing.

Cassie's have been operating for well over ten years and have gathered the ultimate selection of stunning showgirls.

These girls have been selected because they are the best in the adult entertainment industry. We are always getting feedback from our clients, so we know that these performers keep up to our very high standards. This way, you can be assured you will be hiring more professional acts in Sydney.

Sydney's Best Waitressing Options

Cassie's The Premier Adult Entertainment Agency

We are specialized in providing the best Adult Entertainment for Bucks Parties and Cruises. We have arranged for many clients who are looking for some fun on their cruise or party boat. 

With many years of experience with arranging all manner of different requests, there are a few general categories of events which we deal with regularly. Having said that, we are open to any new ones like a Hucks (Hens + Bucks) and any same-sex event as well. This is quite the norm in all parts of Australia, but especially in Sydney.

The mainstay of events that our acts cover and Bucks Parties. This is almost an unwritten rule in the experience of getting married to a groom. The best man is usually given the task of organising all the parts needed for the day to go as planned. That's where Cassie's can step in and do all the heavy lifting and take all the worry away with just one phone call.

We can deliver a show on a boat cruise, which is super popular in the Harbour. More and requests come through for this kind of gig, and it can pose a few issues for some agencies, but not Cassie's. We can quote you on the full Bucks cruise event as we have our own vessels that can offer the full drink, food and entertainment packages.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

The next most popular celebration is a Birthday party or any anniversary. This has a lot larger age range, which is to be expected. These can be more of a mixed crowd, and if so, the Strippers needs to know in advance that this is the case.

We Mums trying to get a show for their son who is turning 21 and wants to mark this very special occasion. We can easily deal with the parent's specific requirements, so the showgirl completely understands what's appropriate and what's not. Furthermore, we usually recommend a G String or R Rated show for the 18 and 21 birthday parties.

Wedding Anniversaries are another one that keeps popping up every month. Open-minded couples and very much in favour of an exotic act of their choice to make this important day. You might be surprised to hear this but in this very modern environment who is to say aloud.

Hot Topless Waitresses in Melbourne

See Our Gorgeous Collection Of Performers From New South Wales

If you require us to email you all the hottest acts available for you and your group, we can do that quickly. We can also use WhatsApp to send you collages of all the latest additions we have to our agency. These beauties are in high demand throughout the whole of New South Wales.

Gold Coast Topless Waitressing

You can only imagine what it's like when the showgirl turns up and the excitement in the room is electric. She will introduce herself to the group and tell them the rules and what kind of interaction they can have. That way, everyone is on the same page with what is acceptable behaviour plus what the show will entail. The noise levels always go through the roof when the music starts and the performance begins.

Perth's Sexy Skimp Barmaids

Depending on which show was chosen there might be a selection of toys, whips and other adult toys. These all add to the atmosphere in the location created by the stripper. If that's not enough, imagine what it would be like with a double lesbian act. No matter what you pick, it will be the best time you and your friends have spent in a long time.

This is guaranteed to become a regular feature of any upcoming parties you are arranging, and Cassie's will be your first stop for sure. We have designed many bespoke packages for our clients, which always goes down well with the group.

Our staff have loads of experience dealing with parties be it birthdays, bucks or a special occasion. Answering a few simple questions will give them all the information they need to fine-tune your booking to the stripper that suits you best.

Unbelievable Naked Waitresses From Newcastle


R-rated Shows

  • G-string $300:- A great beginner's option for a bit of glamorous entertainment at your party.
  • R $350:- This is the next level with a sexy nude component and loads of laughs.
  • Double R $650:- Double the fun of the single show with 2 top draw beauties.

X-rated Shows

  • XXX $450:- The most chosen performance by far. Hot girls who know what the party needs.
  • XXX Double Lesbian $850:- Girl on Girl action will drive everyone wild with anticipation.

How To Book A Showgirl In Sydney 

We make sure every detail is right before the show starts. We check the venue and the parking arrangements, and we always get a confirmation number from the client. We ask them to let us know the exact time they want to arrive, and we send them a text message when we're ready. We have strippers available for last-minute bookings too, so if you need a performer urgently, we can provide one.

Our performers are booked out weeks in advance, so please do not hesitate to call us if you want to speak to one of our representatives. We will happily answer all your questions and discuss your booking needs. We have a large database of girls, and we can recommend some of the most popular ones to suit your budget. You can rest assured knowing that your guests will enjoy themselves.

We pride ourselves on providing quality entertainment for all types of events. Our goal is to ensure everyone has a great night!

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About Cassies


So why should you choose Cassie's as your Entertainment Provider?

  1. Cassie has been in the industry for well over 12 years.
  2. Unlike other websites, Cassie's is a fully functioning LTD business.
  3. We can deliver girls to every part of the country.
  4. We are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  5. We only employ the MOST professional strippers, waitresses and staff.
  6. Customer service is one of the essential aspects of our business model.
  7. We are contactable day or night of your event if any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  8. We are making the sector more professional every year with new policies.
  9. Well over 60% of our bookings are returning clients/referrals.
  10. We have at least 10 new girls apply to join the agency every week.
  11. A small deposit secures your booking with Cassie's.
  12. We get feedback on a regular basis from clients and girls to see if changes need to be made.
  13. We service ever part of Australia with adult entertainment options.
  14. We use Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Mobile.
  15. If you want to know what kind of experience our clients are getting, read our Google reviews.

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