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Hire The Hottest Melbourne Female Strippers Only at Cassie's

All The Melbourne Strippers & Shows for Your Party Needs

Choose from the most exceptionally strippers in Melbourne at Cassie's. Our 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry makes us your only option when it comes to your adult entertainment needs. When we employ new girls to our agency, we ensure that they are the very best in Victoria.

We are not joking when we say they are the most fun you can have in an hour. They totally bring life to the words style, entertainment and glamour. The best female performers have been working at a very high level for years and have seen it all when it comes to bucks and birthday parties. We guaranteed that our ladies are showstoppers, will surely make you sit up and take notice when the music starts.

Mesmerizing Topless Waitressing in Sydney CBD

So whether you are the boss or entrusted with organising the event, or the best man of a bucks, we know that it is not an easy task. One of the basic requirements you will be needing is how to entertain your friends and guests. We understand what a pain in the neck this can be when trying to hire an exotic dancer.

Well, you got to admit that food and alcohol just will not cut it nowadays. Want to have unlimited fun without the hassle of thinking what, where and how? Do not stress yourself over things that are easily sorted with Cassie's.

Cassie's offers you the best bucks party strippers on any agency in the country, and we can say that with certainty.

The Gold Coast Only Has Gorgeous Showgirls

Looking for Some Bucks Party Shows for You & Your Mates?

We have different options for different kinds of groups. Our gorgeous strippers are well-trained to perform to your naughtiest fantasies and desires. Be it something wild or something tame, we've got your bachelor party well  covered!

For the daring groups who want to experience the most extreme stripping shows, we have X-rated shows for you which already include steaming hot performance from our seductive stripper and sex toys of your liking. However, if your group is the shy type, we can also offer G String shows equally entertaining.

Perth's Premier Strippers All In One Place

So if a single stripping show is not fun enough yet, then we suggest going for doubles wherein you can enjoy many girls performing erotic shows all at the same time for you and your group. This is perfect for a large group, looking for the wildest fantasies and a truly memorable night out.

Also, we always concentrate on the details. One way to achieve client satisfaction is to deal with the nitty-gritty details of your event. Also, this allows us to forecast any mishaps and prevent them from happening in the future.

Beautiful And Exciting Topless Waitresses In Melbourne

View Our Stunning Options For Strippers in Victoria

So we often hear of horrors stories about last-minute changes by our competitors without informing their clients, and we make sure to avoid that. If some inevitable changes arise to your bookings, we let you know first-hand, as we do not want to ruin the client's trust. So that your birthday party will have no drama, and it will just be a party filled with pure excitement.

Jessica The Most Popular Girl We Have

Deals that are not breakers but winners. So the good thing about hiring a stripper from us is that we always add new ones to our portfolio. So that if you have already booked with us before and want to try someone new this time. You know that we can meet your requests.

We care for our patrons above all else. That was a mushy thing to say, but yes, we do care. So that is why we have flexible packages to suit not only your needs but following your budget. Also, this means you can always talk to us about a custom package that meets your budget.

Additionally, we never compromise your experience at any costs. We always put this into our minds for you and your office mates. You will be saving loads of money that you would normally spend in a strip club. Therefore, we pay close attention to details; give you exotic shows and the best showgirls around.

Summer Stevens


R Rated Shows

  • G-string $250:- This is a fantastic option for first-timers who require a bit of hot fun.
  • R-rated $300:- For $50 more, you can turn it up a few notches to get the party started.
  • Double R-Rated $600:- This show is for a group that's been to a few Bucks Parties and requires something out there. Twice the enjoyment.

XXX Rated Shows

  • Single show $400:- This is the most requested show by far. Toys, vibrators and lots of mental sexy moves. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Double Lesbian show $800:- If a girl on girl action is your thing, this is the crème de la crème of shows in every respect.
  • Please enquiry for 1-hour speciality shows. These are bespoke performances that will blow your mind.

Why, You Don’t Want to Miss Out on the Show of a Lifetime !!!!

So we understand like no other business what it takes to develop a full buck's event package. Trust that we are the most professional body to make all of this happen for you and your group. Therefore, there isn't anything we can't try and arrange for you, no matter how bizarre it might be.


With our 25 years of knowledge in the entertainment arena, we can confidently give you the best of the best adult cruise or venue event service ever. If you want to make your event a hassle-free, stylish and entertaining one, give us a call to check our performers' availability.

Make an online booking inquiry today

With us, you do not need to hassle down and plan. So all you require to do is show up and have fun. All of our showgirls are always in demand. So do not think twice and make sure to book in advance for your Bucks Night, Poker Nights or special event.

To find out what is the ultimate Boys Night option for you and your group now.

We have hundreds of waitresses and performers on our agency who do not want to have their profiles/photos displayed on our website or in the public domain. Do not worry as we have the most extensive & and exclusive group of girls of any agency in Australia. If you would like to access these collections for your event, please call Cassie's on 0451 870047

About Cassies


So why should you choose Cassie's as your Entertainment Provider?

  1. Cassie has been in the industry for well over 12 years.
  2. Unlike other websites, Cassie's is a fully functioning LTD business.
  3. We can deliver girls to every part of the country.
  4. We are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  5. We only employ the MOST professional strippers, waitresses and staff.
  6. Customer service is one of the essential aspects of our business model.
  7. We are contactable day or night of your event if any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  8. We are making the sector more professional every year with new policies.
  9. Well over 60% of our bookings are returning clients/referrals.
  10. We have at least 10 new girls apply to join the agency every week.
  11. A small deposit secures your booking with Cassie's.
  12. We get feedback on a regular basis from clients and girls to see if changes need to be made.
  13. We service ever part of Australia with adult entertainment options.
  14. We use Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Mobile.
  15. If you want to know what kind of experience our clients are getting, read our Google reviews.

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