Is Cassie's a proper company/business?

Yes, it is 100%. We have an ABN and have been established for over 10 years.

How do I know the girls I have chosen will arrive?

This is one of the most asked questions we get and rightly so. We hear from our clients about the nightmares they have had in the past with girls not turning up etc.

We double-check with our waitresses the day before and on the day of the event. If there are any changes we always communicate with the client so they know exactly what is happening.No unexpected surprises.

How does the booking process work?

Another great question. So we need the location, date and time of the event, How many girls for how many hours, What type of waitressing or show you require, Any special requirements for the event.

We then send a message out to all our girls and send the client the responses. You can then choose which options you would like and leave a small deposit to book in the girls for your event.

Can the waitresses/strippers do special requests for the Buck or Birthday person?

Absolutely they can but this must be arranged in advance so everyone is on the same page. This can be costumes or themes that might be what the groom requires. Also with the shows, there might be certain routines that are allowed or not allowed say for an 18-year-old birthday.

How can I get in contact with Cassie's and when are they open?

You can use all the usual channels like phone and email. We also have Live Chat and were the first company in the Adult Entertainment sector to do so. As a result, we have it running like clockwork.

Also, you can use WhatsApp which is a very popular modern way to send photos and text messages. We try to be open 24/7 as much as possible with sales staff in multiple locations around Australia. This also means you can always get hold of someone when you have a booking as well.

What states in Australia do you cover?

We cover New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia & Western Australia

How far in advance should I be getting in contact with Cassie's to arrange my entertainment for my event?

The main advantage of booking say 1 month in advance is that you will have the full portfolio of models to choose from. This will mean your private party will go with a bang.

Are the girls advertised the ones that will arrive at our event and do they look like that?

All of the girls that are on our website are genuine girls with the pictures that they have sent to us for use on the website. We are always in contact with our clients to honest feedback about how the girls looked and how professional there were in every area. That way our clients can feel rest assured on the quality of the service.

Can I extend the booking if everyone is still having a great time at the event?

Yes you can all you would need to do is get in contact with Cassie's or ask one of the girls to do so and if they haven't got any other bookings then it can quickly be arranged.

What options are there available for waitressing?

We do formal clothed events, Bikini pool parties, Sexy lingerie plus topless and nude (on request)

What are the options for shows?

We can arrange very simple strip shows for a quieter crowd with minimal nudity. We can also do a mid-range x rated show for small or larger groups. Last and no means least is a full XXX  show which can be a single or double performance.

Can I have a progressive booking starting with bikini to lingerie then going to topless?

This is asked on a daily basis and the answer is 100% and we do this multiple times a week.

Can anyone apply to join Cassie's agency from anywhere in the country?

Yes you can we get around 10 girls apply per week to join Cassie's. All you need to do is go to the page or email  with pictures and a brief BIO. Also add any other relevant information.

What type of events can the girls attend?

There are various ones but by far Buck's Parties are the most popular. They do Birthday parties 18 Plus, Anniversaries, End of season football parties, Boat cruises all around the country, Poker and Karaoke nights also get asked for a lot.

All of Cassie's FAQ will be updated on a regular basis.