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Melody is one sexy brunette on Cassies Agency

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Height: 165cm
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 97cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

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Melody is the kind of girl who is a testament to the phrase men do not prefer blondes. This sexy brunette has spent many moons engaging men and studying exactly what makes them tick and has developed a repertoire that can rival any other party girl on the circuit.

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She is so irresistible when she is giving you her undivided attention and she has you melting in no time when she is sweet-talking you with a face that can stop rush hour traffic.

Melody has developed her craft in the industry to such a high level, her name has spread like wildfire in many circles. Her performance level is on full blast from the first minute to the last and she really gives her heart to the trade which is why there are very few girls who are a patch on her at seducing and exciting men all night long.

Melody is a georgeous brunette with an amazing smile


Although Melody appreciates being showered with compliments, it’s not the only thing she craves. She knows not everyone is going to be inclined to be forthcoming with praise despite being impressed by her so she seeks out these types too and wants to make them feel more comfortable and make it more enjoyable for them too.

Melody is very versatile and can slip right into any party mood and vibe and can entertain as a topless waitress and be the greatest one you could hope to enjoy at both crafts. She likes to keep up a high level of performance from start to finish and to always maintain a good level of consistency, she never wants her audience to feel like they’re getting anything less than the show of a lifetime.

Waitress Prices

Melody is understandably in high demand so don’t wait around for her and contact us today to reserve a place for her at your next gathering.

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