Jemima is the perfect brunette model in Perth

Jemima is undoubtedly the gem of the strip show scene. With her infectious smile and top-notch entertainment skills, she ensures everyone in the club has the time of their lives. Her lightning-fast reflexes when serving cold drinks testify to her commitment to welcoming and appreciating every guest.

But it's not just about the service she provides. Jemima is an all-around fun-loving girl who enjoys a good game of beer pong or any other party game that gets everyone laughing and having a good time. She truly is a gem of a showgirl that sets the bar high for other shows in WA

Jemima has style and personality.

She is also friendly and outgoing. This makes her perfect for hosting parties and other social gatherings.

You may not realize it, but being a waitress means much more than serving drinks. A good waitress should know how to take orders, handle customers, keep an eye on the glasses, and even clean up after people.

Topless Waitresses Perth

Jemima is a gem, always smiling and ensuring everyone has the best time! She is fast on her feet, always looking to see who needs a cold one. This beautiful model loves to play beer pong and any game. She loves to laugh with the boys.

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With this stunning waitress around, you won't want her to leave. She also has some hot friends in the industry to come with her. Now it's a party!

She caters for bucks parties, birthday parties, boys' nights, karaoke nights and cruises. Working on boats is one of her favourite things on a sunny day during summer.

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Bust: 10C
Waist: 60cm
Hips: 90cm
Dress: 8/10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Australian
Languages: English

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It is perfect for guys wanting a low-key event in a private venue. Hiring a beautiful-looking girl in a super slinky two-piece to serve your group drinks & entertain you all night long.
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It is the next level of fun you can have at your party or luxury boat cruise. Girls in sexy stunning outfits is a marvellous way for them to entertain you at your bucks or birthday party.
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It is by far the most popular option that guys choose and turns a good party into a great one. All the hot girls have amazing bodies and will look stunning for your whole event.
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