Leyla Will Make Your Nite Go Off With A Bang

Meet Leyla, the epitome of beauty and allure. She is an absolute goddess with striking looks that could make any room standstill. Her perfect appearance is complemented by an alluring and seductive charm that captivates everyone in her presence. She is a natural entertainer, effortlessly taking the spotlight when she wants to.

Hire Perth's No1 Female Strippers

At parties, she is the life of the event, a real treat for everyone fortunate enough to experience her company. But beyond her stunning looks and magnetic persona, Leyla possesses a talent that sets her apart - the ability to make people laugh. With her quick wit and sharp sense of humour, she has a unique skill for turning any gathering into a memorable occasion.

Leyla's jokes and witty remarks never fail to bring joy and laughter, making her the ultimate entertainer. With her undeniable appeal, Leyla is the complete package, a topless waitress who leaves a lasting impression on anyone lucky to be in her presence.

Leyla, The Simplest Decision Of Your Day

Her goal is to impress and perform for others. She will take over the whole event and ensure everyone is having fun.

Leyla is a stunningly beautiful girl with looks that attract guys easily. She has tried many different routines but is always willing to learn more. She uses trial-and-error methods to perfect her skills.

She is unstoppable when she gets going; nothing will deter her from her show. She'll also leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

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Nicola XXX Show


Height: 171
Bust: 10D
Waist: 64
Hips: 95
Dress: 10
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue

A G-String show designed as an entry-level experience for small-sized groups who want to give their event a bit of sexy fun.
The show lasts approximately 15 – 20 minutes performed by one of our professional dancers
An R Rated show is the next level up in terms of adult entertainment. This super sexy option is fantastic for parties.
The show goes for around 20 minutes, and the lucky recipient will be fully involved.
A XXX performance is by far the most popular choice by all of our customers. The option is perfect for Bucks parties.
The act lasts for around 30 minutes and is not for the faint-hearted but loved by everyone