Naia is a Proper Stunner

Naia, you can often find this very fit blonde down at many local clubs during her off time. She loves getting to dance and enjoying time with her friends. At work, however, she can turn almost any party or event into a club all on her own!

Mila is One of Newcastle’s Finest Waitresses

Naia is probably one of the best dancers we have on staff, and she loves showing off her skills whenever she can. She can deliver a delightful party experience and is the life of the party. It seems like she has a nearly boundless energy to meet with people across the party, flex her dance moves and more.

All that dancing has helped her get an incredible body; her curves are genuinely out of this world. We can assure you they look even better in motion, and she has outfits that can also show them off.

Anastasia Waitressing Is the Job She Performs Best on the Central Coast

Naia is a one-off entertainer

Whether you have spotted her out of the club or been to an event with her, it's not likely that you will soon forget her face. She is a truly gorgeous woman, and she would look right at home next to a Hollywood action star or even among some of the top Instagram models in the world.

The Most Desirable Topless Waitresses in Newcastle

This fun and frisky blonde doesn't know how to turn down any party, so she is perfect for almost any event. She can make sure that the excitement takes off.  She can show some of your guests some of her favourite dance moves and songs.

She is very passionate about music and loves chatting about her favourite songs and artists with guests.
If you are serious about getting the life of the party for your event, you have got to pick this blonde for your event.

Newcastle Strippers


Height: 167cm
Bust: 10C
Waist: 67cm
Hips: 87cm
Dress: 6
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

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