Elle: A Majestic Blonde With A Great Smile

If you seek a performer with long, flowing blonde hair, look no further than Elle. With her deep blue eyes and the long hair that she has, you can feel like you're with a runway model.

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Elle will crank up the heat in any room that she steps into. She has curves in all the right places, and when she starts to dance, you will swear that you're watching an erotic film.

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It's important not to miss out on booking Elle for your next party. She is a waitress who can work with nothing more than a G string and a smile and is perhaps one of the most gifted dancers in the business.

Elle is the type of woman who's as lovely as she is naughty.

She can be entertaining and easy-going but with the ability to turn up the heat and be very serious on stage. She can't wait to turn the tables on you and perform like a true seductress.

One of her favourite places to be is up on stage. Elle loves the attention she can get at a more massive party and how she can flaunt her stuff in front of a group of admirers.

She knows how to have a grown man begging for her to stay.

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She combines her charm and grace to provide exceptional service as a waitress. She knows how to make your guests feel special and attended to, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. She effortlessly engages with the crowd in a friendly and approachable manner, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But Elle's talents do not stop there. As a showgirl, she knows how to captivate an audience. With her mesmerizing dance moves and captivating performances, she will entertain and delight your guests. Elle's energy and passion shine through in every act, leaving everyone in awe.

Whether serving drinks with finesse or dazzling the crowd with her showgirl talents, Elle brings a unique and modern flair to your event. Her presence alone adds an element of excitement and sophistication, making your gathering genuinely memorable.

To hire her today, call Cassies on 0451 870047 and one of our supper-friendly agents.

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Height: 166cm
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 95cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

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