Amity Addams is the girl of your wildest fantasies

Amity Addams loves being the ultimate seductress to the extent that she seems like an illusion. She can turn any situation into a party. She knows how to have a good time and enjoys making others feel special by giving them the best gifts they could ever wish to have.

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Amity loves to dance and sing. She also loves to play games and enjoy herself. She finds joy in every moment of life and makes sure that she takes advantage of each opportunity to live her life.

She enjoys being busy with parties and the gym and loves to travel and explore new places. She also loves to learn new things and discover new cultures. She feels that knowledge is power, so she continually expands her horizons.

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Amity Addams adores being a spectacle and will do everything she can to maintain she keeps mesmerising all men in her vicinity. She has always felt this was her calling in life. She uses her beauty and innate feminine endearing persona to make a lasting impression on men.

She believes in living life to the fullest. She wants to experience as much as possible and take full advantage of the opportunities that come her way. Her goal is to be happy and contented throughout her lifetime.

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She has the rare ability to manage to come across as classy and with outrageous sex appeal at the same time. Also, this is a rare treat and something everyone will relish and want to experience as much as they can.


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Amity Addams needs constant positive feedback and has all the means to get it. Be it from exquisite attire or her dazzling makeup, her luscious locks or her heavenly female form. She has more than enough at her disposal to leave men exhausted in her trail.

Amity Addams will impress everyone so much. Guys in attendance will want to kiss the ground she walks on.

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She is such a drop-dead gorgeous girl that she does all entertaining tasks with a breathtaking flair, serving drinks topless all night or giving everyone a strip show to make them roar with appreciation; she delivers it with stunning results.

She is the kind of girl who is so rich with sex appeal she can make the most mundane act look so erotic. Men are so drawn to her; she isn't all looks, not just looks and sex appeal. She can engage with anyone and perk them up.

Amity Addams is our trendy client, so if you want her at your next party, let us know today and don't delay!

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Height: 165cm
Bust: 12C
Waist: 66cm
Hips: 98cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green

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It is perfect for guys wanting a low-key event in a private venue. Hiring a beautiful-looking girl in a super slinky two-piece to serve your group drinks & entertain you all night long.
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It is the next level of fun you can have at your party or luxury boat cruise. Girls in sexy stunning outfits is a marvellous way for them to entertain you at your bucks or birthday party.
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It is by far the most popular option that guys choose and turns a good party into a great one. All the hot girls have amazing bodies and will look stunning for your whole event.
If you are after something that is completely over the top then nude is it. Only a few girls in certain areas have this option. This is for a more open-minded who wants to be dazzled.