No-One Is As Bubbly As Zarah

Zarah is a star of immense proportions and a born natural when it comes to keeping men entertained and hooked on her every move and word. When you see her, you will be starstruck, lovestruck and tongue-tied. However, Zarah would untie your tongue very quickly with her glowing charm, which will make you feel very at ease and eager to please.

Topless Waitress Brisbane

Zarah is used to having men fawn over her due to her jaw-dropping good looks and pinup body, so she's had plenty of time to study what works with men and what doesn't, which she has taken notes on and capitalised greatly on at the party girl circuit.

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She Is Perfect To Turn Any Party Or Function Into A Five-Star Show!

One look at Zarah and your eyes are on storks, but when she gets going and says all the right things to make your heart sing and your pulse race, you will be hooked on her and need more and more like a fix.

Holly Beautiful Blonde Model

She's utilised this to the best of her ability, and because of this, it has put her in great standing in the industry.
Zarah  takes to the mood of any party setting like a duck to water. Fitting right in seamlessly and engaging all and any of the guys in attending.

She adores flirting and flaunting her prize assets in outrageous outfits, and there isn't a hair out of place, a blemish on her or anything off in her appearance. She looks immaculate like a doll and always maintains and needs to keep that prolific as she knows it's one of the key factors of a great strip show.

Zarah is a consummate professional waitress in Perth and will give you a show to remember from the first minute to the last. Book her today to give everyone attending the time of their lives!


Height: 169
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 67cn
Hips: 96
Dress: 8
Body Type: Petite
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown

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