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Katia Has the Model Looks and a Lively Personality


Height: 165cm
Bust: 1oDD
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 97cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


If you are looking for an example of girl that can absolutely take over a room, this is the goddess for you. Katia knows how to command attention and she does it with sheer elegance and command.
Her confidence is unmeasured and her experience does wonders in creating an experience that you will never forget. As an absolute goddess, Katia can lend her talents to a bucks party or event as a barmaid or as the absolute life of the party as a model.

Topless Waitress Brisbane

You are going to love the commanding outfits that she brings along as well. Her acts are all about power and authority. Katia loves showcasing her confidence, her swagger and her ability to seduce. You may really feel as though you have a true goddess or a professional model in the room with her piercing stare on you.

Katia is well-known for her professionalism and her ability to make people stop standing whatever rooms he enters.

Gold Coast Topless Waitresses

She loves creating her own outfits that showcase class and look like the outfits of powerful women. You will feel as though you are in the room with a true presidential woman or a powerful goddess. Katia can even include powerful music for her routines that will have you stopped in your tracks.

With a sculpted body as well as a wide range of props and outfits that Katia can land to any event, you won’t be disappointed by choosing the absolute goddess.

If you are interested in booking the services of this woman, contact us today at 0474 925 102.

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There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful looking girl in a super slinky bikini to serve you drinks.
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