Brooke Taylor Sets the Scene in Perth

Brooke Taylor is a stunning and charismatic skimpy barmaid in the heart of Perth. Her beauty, poise and energy make any adult party extra special. She has a fantastic eye for detail when creating the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Her bubbly personality will surely get everyone to let loose and have a great night. Brooke also offers a range of activities to keep your guests entertained, from interactive games to karaoke or live music.

She is always up for a laugh and will help you create lasting memories with her enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond. It will surely be an unforgettable affair with Brooke Taylor hosting your adult party!

Brooke Taylor Will Make Your Adult Party

Having waitresses at your adult event is necessary to make it extra special. Not only do they add a touch of glamour and sex appeal, but they also provide an entertainment factor that keeps the guests engaged.

The atmosphere created by having waitresses in attendance is one of sensuality and excitement, which can bring out the best in everyone. Furthermore, having these ladies present ensures that all attention will be focused on your event instead of potential distractions.

Finally, they offer an element of surprise and mystery that keeps people guessing and talking about what might happen next! Having Brooke Taylor as your topless barmaid will make your adult party memorable!

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Whether you're planning a surprise birthday party or an intimate gathering with friends, we have a wide selection of skimpy barmaids to choose from who will make your event extra special. So don't hesitate to call Julie at 0474 925 102 and start the party today!


Height: 168cm
Bust: 10C
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 95cm
Dress: 6/8
Body Type: Fit
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Australian
Languages: English

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It is perfect for guys wanting a low-key event in a private venue. Hiring a beautiful-looking girl in a super slinky two-piece to serve your group drinks & entertain you all night long.
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It is by far the most popular option that guys choose and turns a good party into a great one. All the hot girls have amazing bodies and will look stunning for your whole event.
If you are after something that is completely over the top then nude is it. Only a few girls in certain areas have this option. This is for a more open-minded who wants to be dazzled.