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Glamorous Brunette Jane Ayers Lights up Any Party in Melbourne

Jane Ayers

Height: 165cm
Bust: 10D
Waist: 73cm
Hips: 80cm
Dress: 8
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Australian/Korean
Languages: English/Korean


When this ravishing brunette Jane Ayers gives you a look, you may just melt. With beautiful eyes and some of the perfect proportions you’ve ever seen, this woman is one of our most mesmerising models. With a background in modelling, she knows how to give you some fantastic looks and when she shows off her body at events.

Jane is a model an entertainer that works extremely hard at the gym, and she’s there almost every day working on her physique and helping secure future modelling contracts and more. She would look right at home at any high-class Hollywood party or even on the cover of a major fashion magazine. She loves showing her stuff on a catwalk and watching her walk through a party can be almost hypnotic.

Even though Jane may look very intimidating and tough to approach when you get to talking to this brunette model you will feel right at home. She remains incredibly affectionate and welcoming the new people, and even though she can stop them with a look, she is quick to offer up a chat with them too.

As a fashionista, she loves dressing up in almost any type of costume or style. She has a wide range of cool clothing that she can bring to any event to change throughout the evening and is even available for some customer requests. With a body that can look great in almost anything, she will be a massive help to any event. She is extremely social and also great at working with event creators to ensure everything is running smoothly.

If you want a master coordinator that can seduce you with her looks, you have got to consider this top brunette model.

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