Ivy is a Crazy, Beautiful Showgirl

Ivy is a stunning beauty, and she has a gorgeous face that's perfect for modelling and a perfectly proportioned body. She isn't afraid of showing off her attributes and is confident enough to use her assets to gain attention from men and women.

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She loves being a virtual party planner. Whether it's a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary, or any event, she enjoys helping guys look forward to a fabulous time.

Ivy loves being the centre of attention

She loves putting on a show and knows how to make people laugh. When Ivy's got a crowd roaring with laughter and cheers, she can't help herself but feel like a star!

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To experience her magic firsthand, don't hesitate to contact us today at 0451 870047 to book her for your next event. Whether planning a corporate function, a private party, or a special occasion that calls for enchantment, Ivy can elevate the ambience and create an unforgettable experience. Let her grace your event with her presence, and prepare to be transported into a world of wonder and fantasy.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness her angelic performances. Secure your booking today and be prepared to be captivated by her beauty, talent, and undeniable charisma. She is ready to ignite the stage and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Reach out now and experience the magic that awaits with Ivy, the dancing angel.


Height: 152cm
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 55cm
Hips: 80cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Nationality: Australian
Languages: English

A G-String show designed as an entry-level experience for small-sized groups who want to give their event a bit of sexy fun.
The show lasts approximately 15 – 20 minutes performed by one of our professional dancers
An R Rated show is the next level up in terms of adult entertainment. This super sexy option is fantastic for parties.
The show goes for around 20 minutes, and the lucky recipient will be fully involved.
A XXX performance is by far the most popular choice by all of our customers. The option is perfect for Bucks parties.
The act lasts for around 30 minutes and is not for the faint-hearted but loved by everyone