Party Planner Why Should You Employ One

party planner

Party Planner why should you consider finding and employing the services of one. Aren't they expensive and most probably going to rip you off? I am sure we have all heard stories or had bad experiences in the department of a party planner. Let's be honest in most industries there are good eggs and bad eggs that are just how it is.

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Organizing anything nowadays can be a massive drain on time and resources. We are all time poor and under pressure with our jobs and family. So why is a party planner any different.

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The first thing I would look at is what is out there in the marketplace. It's their lots of competition or just a few companies providing this service. It's much easier and quicker if there is anything below 10. Have a look at the style of the website does it look professional or has your two years old child done better. This gives you an overall feel for the company before you even get in contact with them. I would also say trust your instincts as they usually guide you very well.

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Make Lists Of What's Important To You

Before making contact with a party planner make a list of what you are looking for in your event. So is its price, location, packages, time frame. This way you can make the event what you want it to be before you are sold anything.

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Ask Those Awkward Questions

Make sure you ask the questions that the party planner won't like to answer.

  1. What happens if I cancel?
  2. Can I see the venue/boat/girls?
  3. How long have you been operating?
  4. What happens if things change?
  5. What's your weather policy?

By now you should be getting a shorter list of potentials. Hopefully, your party planner options are down to about 2 or 3 possibilities. If that's the case then you are doing your job very well indeed.

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