Mia is a Eurasian model who loves to entertain

Mia is not just a model; she is an exceptional entertainer. Her love for entertaining shines through in everything she does. Whether on the runway, posing for a photo shoot, or interacting with guests at an event, she always brings her A-game.

One of the things that sets her apart is her dedication to her craft. She never disappoints and takes her job seriously. She understands the importance of delivering a memorable experience for her audience and goes above and beyond to ensure that happens.

Her physical appearance is also a significant asset in her work. Her Eurasian heritage gives her a unique and captivating look that catches the eye of many. Her tanned athletic body is a testament to her commitment to caring for herself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Mia never disappoints and takes her job seriously

In addition to her physical attributes, Mia's personality and energy make her stand out. Her magnetic presence draws people in and makes them feel comfortable and entertained in her company. Her infectious smile and positive attitude are contagious, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encounters.

Mia's glossy jet-black hair is another standout feature that adds to her overall appeal. It complements her stunning features and adds an element of sophistication to her look.

Overall, Mia is a true professional who loves what she does. Her dedication, talent, and natural charisma make her a sought-after entertainer in the industry. Whether on the runway, in front of the camera, or interacting with guests, Mia always brings her unique blend of beauty, charm, and talent to every occasion.

Her tanned athletic body is the starting point for most of her excellence. As you can see from her sexy lingerie photos, she loves nothing more than dressing up your entertainment.

Also, her glossy jet-black hair is one of her crowning glories and a given for Asian girls in Sydney. So this proves how much care and attention she has to her appearance. So this is a must for any waitress in the entertainment industry.

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Bust: 10DD
Waist: 66cm
Hips: 81cm
Dress: 8
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Filipino / Australian
Languages: English and Filipino

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