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Ayla Is The Ultimate Brunette Bombshell

You could call Ayla the 8th wonder of the world possibly. She's just that mind-blowingly hot and sexy and sweet that you'll have a hard time shaking your party crowd out of the trance she puts them under.

Ayla is a divine brunette who is brimming over with all that it takes to keep a man deeply satisfied for hours upon hours upon hours. Everyone at your party will feel blessed they're breathing the same air as her, she's that incredible.

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Ayla loves rocking the world of every man she meets and is determined to give everyone in the room a trip when she reveals herself to all and everyone.

Topless Waitressing in Perth

Not only does Ayla have centrefold good looks but she has the talk to back it up too. She loves suggestive comments to leave outrageous imagery in men's heads and leave them coming back for more.

She can make pouring a drink look like the hottest thing imaginable!

Ayla thrives off a wild and receptive crowd and loves to make everyone laugh, smile, and even nearly pass out with the amount of mindblowing hot seduction she unleashes on them.

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Not only that, but she always wants to be top of the class in regards to her peers in the party girl circuit. She wants to be recognized wherever she goes and gets applauded as much as possible, her fans can't get enough, and she knows the best way to achieve that is to put on an extravaganza that can't compare with any other party girl's antics.

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Ayla is a very compassionate girl and tends to men's attention whoever and whatever they're saying and laps it up with sweet gratitude. She is a star.

If you want Victoria to brighten up your party and be god's gift to your party, contact us today to put your name down for her. She has a lot of demand!

Kiki Vidis


Height: 165cm
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 97cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

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Bikini Waitressing is perfect for guys just wanting a low key event in a private venue.
There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful looking girl in a super slinky bikini to serve your group drinks & entertain you.
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Lingerie Waitressing is the next level of fun you can have at your party or luxury boat cruise.
Girls in sexy stunning lingerie is a marvellous way for them to entertain you at your bucks or birthday party.
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Topless Waitressing is by far the most popular option that guys choose & turns a good party into a great one.
All of the girls have amazing bodies to be a waitress and look stunning for the whole event.
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If you are after something that is completely over the top then nude waitressing is it. There are only a few girls in certain areas that have this option.
This is for a more open minded who want to be dazzled.