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Cassies  Online Booking
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Cassies Waitressing Prices

[vc_separator type=”normal”][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Waitress Services” value=”Bikini;100;
Nude;240;” images=”67,66,65″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Waitresses” value=”1;6;1;1″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of Hours” value=”2;8;1;1″][/bt_cc_multiply][vc_separator type=”normal”]

Cassies Show Prices

[vc_separator type=”normal”][bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Stripper Services” value=”G String;300;
R Rated;350;
X Rated;450;
Double R Rated;650;
Double XXX;850;
Single R Single R Double Lesbian XXX Show;1050;
Single X Single X Double Lesbian XXX Show;1150;” images=”67,66,65″ img_height=”50″][/bt_cc_multiply][vc_separator type=”normal”]

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