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Talulah is a beautiful Asian Model at Cassies


Height: 165cm
Bust: 10DD
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 97cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Talulah is a shapely Asian brunette with soft olive skin and dark, mysterious eyes. Her smile is inviting, and her body is enticing. When Talulah enters a room, nothing else matters anymore. She has an aura of beauty about her that stops people in their tracks.

Talulah is a fun-loving girl who enjoys music and dancing. She also likes to travel. Also, she works as a lingerie waitress so that she can save up for her next adventure. She is, after all, a very adventurous girl. She loves a good party, wherever in the world that it may be.

When you first meet her, you will get bowled over by her stunning looks. Get to know her better, and you will get enthralled by her personality too. She is fun to talk to and very friendly. It will be like you have known her for years. She’s a full-on fun seeker who will help you put on an awesome party.

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Talulah Stunning Asian Waitress

Talulah is a hard worker and very conscientious. She wants to have fun, but she knows that your guests must come first. She will give everything she’s got to ensure that your guests have everything they need. Everyone at the party will have a fantastic time with her in attendance.

Talulah is the type of girl that most guys can only dream of meeting; she is a sizzling beauty that can stop the traffic. Watch your mates’ jaws drop to the floor when she arrives at your party. They won’t believe what they are seeing.

If you want to make your dreams come true, you can book Talulah to be a waitress at your next party. She’s available for private parties, bucks’ nights, and more. She is also a very talented dancer and entertainer. But don’t wait too long. We have a lot of demand for Talulah. Make that booking now to ensure that she is your hot waitress at your next party.



Bikini Waitressing

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Bikini Waitressing is perfect for guys just wanting a low key event on a boat or in a venue.
There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful looking girl in a super slinky bikini to serve you drinks.

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Lingerie Waitressing is the next level of fun you can have at your private party or luxury boat cruise. Girls in sexy stunning lingerie is a marvellous way for them to entertain you at your bucks or birthday party.

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All of the girls have the bodies to be a Topless Waitress and look stunning.

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